Our Services and Strategies

Our firm is rooted in a tradition of meeting the highest standards of accounting practices. Planning a sound and successful future, requires business planning. Hendershot-Burkhardt Tax Services combined forces with you addressing these challenges. We bring seasoned professionals to help clients succeed in facing the challenges into the next century.

Hendershot-Burkhardt Tax Services' mission is to help clients increase their profitability and effectiveness in a volatile and highly regulated economy. We develop different strategies to meet the challenges.  Those strategies include business strategies such as maximizing tax deductions on your tax return while reporting the lower expenses on the financial statements.  Our educational strategies include identifying options that address the continuing high cost of higher education.  Losing a spouse or significant other is devastating.  Our family strategies include assisting those who have lost loved ones by working with attorneys and family members with final tax filings, administering gifts and estate transactions, and just locating necessary documents to ensure all insurances have been collected.  All of our strategies come from our desire to provide professional services with a personal touch.

The partners and staff of our professional firm are deeply committed to their clients as well as their community. We believe that both businesses and non-profits provide invaluable services to the community and an improved quality of life for all. Hendershot-Burkhardt Tax Services provide voluntary services to community groups throughout the year. All partners are active members of The Prince William County Chamber of Commerce, Fauquier County Chamber of Commerce as well as support a wide variety of community activities.

From this foundation, we offer the following specialized services: basic accounting services.

Strategic Tax Services

Industries serviced include Corporations, LLC’s and Partnerships, and Sole Proprietors.

Our services include strategic tax planning for both individuals, limited liability companies, and corporations.  We prepare individual tax returns (Form 1040) as well as corporate returns: Form1065, Form1120 and Form1120s.

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Accounting Services

Whether a company should secure cash financing by securing a loan, selling corporate stock, or making a capital call, having a seasoned professional by your side will allow the business owner to increase their knowledge thus allowing them to make a more informed decision.


Our firm is rooted in a tradition of meeting the highest standards of accounting practices. Planning a sound and successful future requires business planning.

Appeal Representation

We possess the expertise and experience to represent taxpayers before tax authorities. Our tax professionals understand the dispute resolution and appeals process and work diligently to obtain you the most favorable results.

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Tax Updates

We keep our clients up-to-date on the latest federal, state and international tax issues through webinars, newsletters, website postings and face-face to meetings. By staying ahead of tax issues, and we can communicate how they will impact your operations quickly and address them in a timely manner.

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Estate and Trust Tax Services

If you have not considered what will happen to your hard-earned assets as you age and eventually pass on, you should. Without an estate plan, the wealth you worked your entire life to build will be distributed according to state law and not according to your wishes. Estate planning is crucial if you want to minimize taxes and distribute as much as possible to your preferred beneficiaries.=

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